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Many clients come to me, upset and disturbed by their financial situation, but are worried about losing their home. I am keenly aware of this fear, and I what makes me feel passionately is that a reverse mortgage means you cannot be forced to move until you decide or pass away. There are even provisions to insure future payments for taxes and insurance to give both borrower and lender peace of mind if requested or required.

It’s far worse to do nothing at all. Fear is real enemy!

That is why I have been working tirelessly to provide access and information to senior homeowners who want to discover the power of their housing wealth for many years now. I want to help every senior I can live a financially stable and fruitful life, for no senior should live in financial fear if I can help it. So, after all of this time, I am ready to share ALL of this powerful knowledge with YOU! If you are ready to discover the power of a Reverse Mortgage, well guess what, I just wrote the book on them! For real…check it out:
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I get it! I really do. Just like you, I like to research and investigate before I jump into anything too.

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In this book you will learn:

  • How a Reverse Mortgage works
  • How all the changes from 2014 can HELP you!
  • How to maximize the amount of tax-free cash available to you
  • Differences between payout methods
  • Determining factors
  • Retirement tips and Secrets
  • Housing Wealth Strategies
  • How to maximize your home’s value in retirement

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